Face Morph “Interactive Face Transformer”


• Face Morph engages a younger audience to have instant fun with their faces.

• Face Morph can quickly and easily be added to any web site, or be integrated with any digital campaign to engage and acquire a younger target audience.

• Research shows that Face Morph increases depth of online engagement and can significantly increase conversions.

How can face morpher help your business?

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience

Social Media

Email Campaigns

Use Email Campaigns and Direct Response Marketing to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience.

Social Media


Use Contests to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience.

Social Media

Interactive Widgets

Use interactive widgets to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience.

Social Media


Use E-Cards to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience.

Social Media

Strategic Outreach

Use strategic outreach to engage and acquire a targeted younger audience.

Start engaging your target audience

Millennials, broadly defined as adults between 18 to 30 years of age, are a savvy, demanding bunch. So, marketing efforts toward this demographic need to foster engagement through entertainment. After all, millennials as a group are generally tech-savvy, well-versed in social media, and are often indifferent to today's deluge of marketing communications. In exchange for their attention, millennials expect entertainment. That's why we offer marketers our face morphs so that we can mix entertainment with advertising when pursuing this sought-after target group.

How it works

Step 1


– Into an Alien, Asian, African, Middle Eastern and more, Male, Female, Young, Old, Fat, Skinny
– Attractive. Want to make your face attractive? Clear your face of pimples, acne, baggy eyes, wrinkles, spots on face, double chin and more that you want to get rid of!
– Ugly. Want to make your or friend’s face ugly with pimples, scars, patches, wrinkles, a template of face diseases, genetical face defects and much more.. Even virtually punch your friend’s face and give a “black eye” for making your face so ugly!
– Expression into being afraid, interested, sad, ashamed, disgusted, surprised, happy, angry and much more.

Step 1


– Want to see how your baby looks like? Morph your face with your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face and see your future baby’s face…
– How does the average of your face and a friend’s face look in combination? Create an average face and rate whose average face looks really hot!

Step 1


– Into a variety of face masks, face tattoos, face paintings and more...

Step 1


- Is your face attractive? Find out your face attractiveness using the Golden Ratio extracted from Nature.
- Predict your and/or friend’s personality and other traits based on face contour analysis using an automated Digital Physiognomy with one easy click and share your personality with friends!
- Predict a personality and other traits with face personality experts in many areas including Mien Shang (ancient Taoist technique), and Samudrik Shastra (an ancient Indian Technique)

Step 1


- Give yourself a complete virtual face makeover! Upload your own photo and choose from hundreds of different hair styles, hair colors, and haircuts, lip color, gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, blush, eyebrow tweezes and much more with our Virtual Face Makeover kit.
- Save these makeovers and share these with your beautician or barber in addition to family and friends.


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